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Financial Plan

With the personal financial plan advice service you are well prepared for the future. Your Personce financial advisor will answer your question and will also proactively engage in a conversation with you on a regular basis if desired. Your financial advisor knows your situation like no other and takes the total picture into account. with our large network we are always able to provide you with the right information and solutions for your financial challenges and financial plan.
With the help of our financial planning advisors we can offer you a clear picture about future earnings and expenditures and how to be well prepared to changes ahead. Especially a long term plan is advisable for life changing events like getting married, having children and reaching the retirement age. But also taking in account disability, unemployment, divorce and decease are important life events.
You gain an insight into your personal financial situation, which we optimize for you. Of course you will receive expert advice from us or our network and we will conclude products for you from selected suppliers. Whether it concerns inventing, retirement, 30% ruling, tax advantage or other subjects, Personce is your one-stop-shop in financial matters.

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Financial independence

Of course, certified financial planning does not give guarantees for the future. Life is subject to change. Changes in your own life, financial changes, changing jobs, maybe working a day less, children on the way, tax changes and simply new or different wishes and needs.
By covering different scenarios, we can take a closer look at the possibilities in money planning by providing certified independent expat finance service. Is there room to invest and what kind of asset advice is appropriate? What effects will this have on daily life and the future? Is it possible to work one day less or is early retirement a possibility? And, how are things arranged in the event of an unexpected death? What about an occasionally weekend trip or saving for a new car. As well as the other side of the coin, where we recognize that maybe we should spend a little less. In short, financial coaching/ financial planning provides insights to prepare for the future. The certified financial advisor of Personce and his network can provide you with financial coaching to strive for financial independence and provide you with money planning/ finance tax advice.
A financial analyst can provide you with the financial services you need to have your desired financial independence as a expat living in the Netherlands.

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