2018 Dutch tax return

For new tax return clients with employment income we offer an additional one hour financial planning advice in a personal meeting at our office for free.
Our clients can chose one of the following topics below in which we can give first insights and answer their questions:

- Tax planning advice: How can I lower my income tax burden?
- Estate planning advice: How can I be sure that my family can provide for themselves in case I die or I become disabled?
- Retirement planning advice: How can I save for my old age?
- Housing planning advice: Should I buy or rent a house?
- Investment planning advice: How can I invest my money?

* Fees are including VAT
** When a partner's tax return is included our additional fee will be € 40, so in total it will be € 215.

To apply for this offer, please send the requested details below and we will contact you as soon as possible:



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