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Buy to let mortgage or investment mortgage

Expat Real estate mortgage

More and more private individuals are discovering the real estate market. House prices are rising and the demand for rental housing is high. Especially in the middle segment. Buying a house to rent out is therefore an interesting investment. Financing is different than with your own home.

Tax advise, Box 3 mortgage

Tax advantages and disadvantages of a buy to let mortgage.

In addition to the loss of interest deduction, there are other tax matters to take into account. We give you tax advice about this. In contrast to your own home, the second home you own is seen as assets in box 3. This means that you pay capital tax on it. On the other hand, the rental income from the home is untaxed in some circumstances.

Do you want to buy a house as a private individual to rent out? Conduct a thorough calculation and research the pros and cons. Remember that it is an investment that also takes time and attention. As a landlord, you are responsible for maintenance, rent collection and all other matters that concern a home owner. Would you like to know more about financing an investment mortgage?

Investment mortgage

With an investment mortgage or a mortgage for rental you can borrow a percentage of the market value. Please note, this concerns the market value in rented condition. This is often lower than the free market value without tenants.

Under ideal circumstances, you can benefit from an investment property in two ways. You can take advantage of the rising house prices and you get rental income. However sometimes things do not work out under ideal circumstances. House prices can fall and what if you can't find tenants?

The Personce Mortgage advisors have extensive experience and are happy to advise you. In a non-binding introductory meeting, we would like to explain the options based on your personal situation.

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