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Insurances in the Netherlands are in many forms

Personal Insurances

Insurance policies are available in many forms. You can think of a car insurance and a home insurance and also liability insurance, an insurance for legal assistance, to cover the expenses of a funeral insurance to disability insurances and life insurance. We are happy to help you make clear which insurances can be bought and which risks are covered. We provide these insurances without commission but at a fixed rate. This can yield a premium benefit of up to 40%.

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Home insurance

Home insurance is the insurance that covers all damage to the building. Think of garage, shed, building and in some cases even solar panels. The home insurance is mandatory when you arrange a mortgage for your home.

Home contents insurance

Home contents insurance is the insurance for your belongings. This protects all things that belong to your household. The home content insurance is not mandatory however recommended.

Liability insurance

With liability insurance, you are insured against loss or damage that you are legally liable for. The insurance is available for the entire family. In the case of personal liability, a person can be held responsible for damage to another person’s possession(s) or injuries to another person. A liability insurance is highly recommended for every person or family.

Legal expenses insurance

Legal expenses insurance is insurance that covers legal costs, legal costs and other costs that come with this. The insurance is not mandatory in The Netherlands however a great comfort if you are in need of legal assistance and therefore recommended.

Health Insurance

When living or working in the Netherlands, in general you are mandatory to the Dutch health insurance. For new arrivals we have the option to arrange a temporary health insurance without a BSN number (social security number).

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