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We are getting divorced

When you get a divorce, you have a lot to arrange. Try to make agreements together about the divorce, for example about the children. You must also make agreements about the division of your belongings and the house. If you cannot find a solution together, you can enlist the help of a mediator or lawyer. We are also happy to help you with information and advice. It is advisable to always involve an independent 3rd person in this difficult situation.

Below you will find a number of topics about which you may need to arrange something.

  • Shared home. If you own a house with your ex-partner, you are often jointly responsible for the mortgage. That is called joint and several liability. Do either of you want to continue living in the house? Then the other person must be released from joint and several liability The bank or insurer must cooperate with this. They only agree to this if the remaining partner has sufficient income. However the maximum mortgage in this situation is higher in some circumstances
  • In a marriage and registered partnership, many (financial) matters are laid down. If you live together, you will find in your cohabitation contract what has been agreed when you split up.
  • Alimony (does not apply to cohabitants)
  • Pension rights
  • Check the consequences for your tax return and refund (such as tax partnership, alimony)
  • Are you entitled to allowances?
  • Which insurance policies do you have together? (such as life insurance and home insurance)
  • Divide assets and debts and record agreements in a covenant.
  • Child support, parenting plan, co-parenting, income schemes. The allowances for school costs, tax credits, the child budget and the housing allowance go to one parent. The same applies to child benefit. Include any agreements you make about this in the parenting plan.

Personce can help you with financial questions, such as the fiscal (tax) consequences of a divorce and the consequences for your mortgage or insurance. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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