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If you want to buy a house, a new home in Eindhoven in the Netherlands as an expat, you can expect a lot. The possibilities of an expat in the field of mortgages are endless. And how about the search for a suitable home in the Eindhoven region? Are there any risks involved? Your certified mortgage advisors at Personce will be happy to advise you on a suitable mortgage in Eindhoven for your new home in or close to the Eindhoven part of The Netherlands and guide you through the complete process.

Your mortgage advisors at Personce in Eindhoven Planning to buy a house in the Eindhoven area?

The specific knowledge, our network in the Eindhoven area and the one-stop-shop method we developed for you as an expat plus the cultural know-how gives you an advantage and provides you an ease of mind. You are therefore assured of expert mortgage advice throughout the entire mortgage process. Of course, all risks are discussed, your mortgage advisor will propose the best solutions based on your situation. In this way you are guaranteed of a complete mortgage advice that is exactly tailored to your wishes.

Buying your first house, advice on refinancing your current mortgages or you like to learn more about the buy to let mortgage possibilities in Eindhoven? With the help of our mortgage advisors you have access to the independent mortgage advice needed. Mortgage advice in Eindhoven for the international community, this is what we do, this is what we are good at!

Personce leads the whole process To the notary when buying a house

If you are going to buy a house, you have to go to the notary. The notary alone has the power to draw up a notarial deed. And you need it if you want to buy a house.

What is a mortgage deed?

When you buy a house, your house acts as collateral for getting a mortgage. This is recorded in the mortgage deed. The mortgage deed states, among other things:

  • The amount of the mortgage
  • A description of the house
  • The mortgage interest you have to pay
  • The mortgage type
  • The term of the Personce mortgage
  • General terms and conditions of the mortgage loan

Just like the deed of transfer, you also sign the mortgage deed during the visit to the notary on the transfer date. The deed of transfer is also signed by the notary and the mortgage lender. After the mortgage deed has been signed, it is registered in the Land Registry and the mortgage is officially in your name.

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