Personal finance

Personce provides guidance in personal finance. Our unique formula ensures that we can advise you on all your financial questions. With our capability of knowing and finding the cross references between the various services you can be assured our advice is in your best interest. Our fields of in-house coherent services consists of advice and assistance with mortgages, taxes, financial planning, insurances, investments and banking.


Our mortgage advisors are specialised in informing you about the different mortgage lenders and their conditions.

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Internationals and expats hired from abroad can qualify to a beneficial Dutch tax ruling, the 30%-ruling.

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Financial planning

With the help of our financial planning advisors we can offer you a clear picture about future earnings

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When living or working in the Netherlands, in general you are mandatory ...

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An important part of your financial planning is how to invest your savings. Our advisors can make ...

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Once internationals arrive or start working in the Netherlands, one of the first things that need to be arranged is…

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