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Personal Finance

Well prepared when living in the Netherlands. If you are living in The Netherlands as an expat or international you might have a lot of questions. Where can I open a bank account. How about investing? Should I open a savings account? What about applying for a loan. The Personce advisors can help you finding solutions to all your financial questions.

Personal Finance

Personal finance advisor

Opening a bank account

We can help you to open your account now. Have easy access to your banking details with the bank app. An online bank account will allow you to manage your day-to-day banking easily and securely. Making transfers or setting alerts to notify you when your next salary has been paid into your bank account. You can open one or more savings accounts in your package, add an extra debit card or select a credit card that meets your requirements.


Whether you prefer to chart your own course, you like some guidance or you want to leave it to the experts, Personce can help you to invest your savings for various purposes and life events.

Applying for a personal loan

Arranging a personal loan can sometimes be useful. If you want to borrow, we always take your personal and financial situation into account. Now and in the future. In this way we ensure that you can borrow comfortably and responsibly. The entire duration.

A bank account for my child

Wondering how to set up an account for your child? Money can only be spent once. This is something your child still has to learn. You decide for yourself what your child can and cannot do with the bank account. Changes must always be approved by you first. You can also see exactly what your child is doing on the account. That way you always stay in control.

Another service we can arrange for you is a savings account for your child. The sooner you start saving, the easier it is to help your child in his or her financial future. It will make it that little bit easier for your child or grandchild to go to university, get a driving licence or find a place of their own.

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