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What happens in the event of death?

You do not want to think about it happening. And yet it is wise to do so... Because if you now consider what happens after your death, you prevent your family from being left behind with major financial worries. After all, if you drop out, your income will also be lost. And maybe your partner's income also drops because he or she has to take on more care tasks or there is no income situation at all.

In some cases, an income drop is compensated by insurance and partner pension. If you do not yet have this arranged, you can decrease this risk by arranging a life insurance policy. Whether that is sensible (and possible) depends on a number of things. Our advisors are happy to calculate this for you.

In the event of a death, a partner's income may consist of:

  • Own income
  • A widow's pension (partner pension) and orphan's pension
  • A benefit from the ‘Algemene Nabestaandenwet’
  • Available pension savings policies from your partner (to be converted into monthly benefits)

What will happen to the mortgage? It is probably the greatest asset you have together: your house. If your partner dies, it is hard enough. It is therefore wise to arrange things properly when arranging your mortgage. Important questions to answer are:

  • What facilities are there for my relatives in a event of death
  • What do I have to record in a will?
  • What about inheritance and taxes?
  • What about my financial plan?

The death of one of the partners does not change the mortgage. The mortgage payments therefore remain the same. This causes challenges if the income of the surviving partner is not sufficient to cover these costs. After all, the normal cost of living also continues to exist. Personce can provide you with answers and solutions to all your questions.

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