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Mortgage advice based on your personal situation and background being an expat. This approach is what makes us unique. The one stop shop method of Personce sees to it you receive independent financial mortgage advice combined with additional service based on your needs and wishes. We know the ins and outs of all possible mortgage banks on the market, both the larger nationally known banks and the smaller providers on the financial market. When we talk about a complete overview and offer, we mean really complete as we have access to the whole range of mortgage providers in The Netherlands.

As a financial advisor, we also think it is important that you know what you are signing up for. We guide you through the process of obtaining a mortgage based on your level of knowledge in a language you understand. We help you through the financing process, whether it concerns for example a mortgage for you as a first time buyer, a mortgage for renovation or a buy to let mortgage. A suitable financial solution for everyone, that is our goal.
Personce, your guidance in personal finance.

The mortgage advisors at Personce will guide you Buying your first house

You are about to buy your first home! It is an exciting step to look for your dream house especially in the situation as a foreigner in a new country with lots of opportunities and challenges. Where to start? Do you need purchase guidance from a local real estate agent? What are the rules and regulations, are there restrictions purchasing property as an expat? Do I have to include a lot of my own savings to be able to buy? Are you wondering what steps you need to take and what you need to arrange before your first home is finally yours? The mortgage advisors at Personce will guide you step-by-step trough the mortgage process so you can focus on what is important for you. Personce, your guidance in personal finance.

What is a linear mortgage?

A linear mortgage is the simplest mortgage type. You pay monthly mortgage interest and a fixed amount in repayment. The interest to be paid is fully deductible for income tax. Because the debt continues to decrease, the interest amount decreases further over the term. This means that your gross monthly payment decreases every month, but the tax benefit also decreases further and further. In total, however, you pay less mortgage interest than with the annuity mortgage.

What is an annuity mortgage?

The monthly payment of an annuity mortgage consists partly of repayment and partly of interest. At the beginning of the term you pay a lot of interest and little repayment. Over time, this ratio changes so that you mainly pay repayments at the end of the term. The interest to be paid is fully deductible for income tax, same as a linear mortgage. At the start of the annuity based mortgage the instalments are lower than a linear mortgage however in total you pay slightly more interest.

What is an interest-only mortgage?

With an interest-only mortgage you do not repay anything, you only pay interest. The mortgage interest paid on an interest-only mortgage is nowadays not a deductible item for income tax anymore. When you sell your home, you basically pay off your mortgage. During the fixed-interest period chosen by you, your monthly payment remains the same. Moreover, this monthly payment is often lower than with the other mortgage types. This is because you do not pay any repayment.

An important condition of the interest-only mortgage is that a maximum of 50% of the market value of your home may be financed with this mortgage type.

Personce will give you a financial insight Have you properly insured your future as a homeowner?

Buying a house is always an exciting time. Whether it's your first home or if you're moving, there are many things to take care of. Like a mortgage. However, that's not all. What scenarios are there and what are their possible effects on your financial situation? For example, when purchasing your house, did you also think about your financial situation in the event of disability? And are things properly arranged in the event of death? Personce will give you a financial insight and possible solutions in these specific situations.
Personce, your guidance in personal finance.

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