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Using the service of
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Real estate agent and Mortgage

A good property buyer’s agent is not an unnecessary luxury, especially being an expat. The Netherlands is clearly catching up on the housing market. Prices are rising, more homes are being sold and in a shorter period of time, and the supply of homes for sale is therefore falling sharply.
A purchasing agent will look for homes that match your wishes, or take a professional and critical look at homes that you propose. As soon as you have made a pre-selection, your purchase agent will help you to look at the pros and cons. When you have set your sights on a particular home, the purchasing agent will visit the house with you.
Has your broker agreed a price with the seller? The real estate broker will then guide you through the transfer of the house. The purchase agents we use work with a fixed rate. Pretty straightforward, of course.

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So what are the advantages of using the service of a own real estate agent?

  • A real estate agent is able to appraise the property before you make an offer
  • A real estate agent is familiar with the area and the neighbourhoods
  • A real estate agent can use their negotiating skills in your behalf
  • The real estate agents we work with in some case know houses will be available before they are visible on Funda
  • A real estate agent provides legal and architectural guidance
  • A real estate will check all purchase documents/ the purchase agreement before you sign them

Personce offers a package that includes mortgage advice and the use of a real estate agent in one fee. Be sure to ask what the possibilities are.

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