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All of our blog articles are written by Joost Broné, Director and Certified Mortgage Planner.

Knowledge migrants

The Netherlands has a favorable tax policy for knowledge migrant/ highly skilled migrants. For example, under certain circumstances it is possible that they receive an exemption from taxation on part of the income, the so-called 30% facility.

The questions and answers you like to know when arranging a mortgage in the Netherlands

Being an expat comes with many challenges. Especially when it comes to financial matters such as arranging a mortgage for the purchase of your future home. Your goal may be to settle in a new country and buying property may be a good choice instead of renting a house. But how does that actually work, what do you have to think about, what are the possibilities and what is not possible?

What about arranging a mortgage in The Netherlands, do I qualify?

Not easy to choose when it concerns these rules and regulations however there is much more looking at the differences between the lenders. Personce is not only specialized in helping expats, the mortgage advisors know all lenders in detail and have access to the whole range of possibilities. In some cases Personce even has more possibilities because of Personce’s specific focus group.

Buying a house in The Netherlands as an expat

Almost everyone who buys a house must first borrow money from a lender. We call it a mortgage. This is the same for expats purchasing their first home in The Netherlands. Personce advises and relieves you in this process. From the first meeting to your dream home, Personce ensures that everything is properly arranged. 

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