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Buying a house in The Netherlands as an expat

Almost everyone who buys a house must first borrow money from a lender. We call it a mortgage. This is the same for expats purchasing their first home in The Netherlands. Personce advises and relieves you in this process. From the first meeting to your dream home, Personce ensures that everything is properly arranged. 

What is an independent mortgage advisor? 

When people look for a mortgage advisor, they usually mean an independent mortgage advisor. In short, we can distinguish between two types of mortgage advisers: 

  • Independent advisor: Can apply to different banks. The advisor will look at your specific situation, wishes and figures and find the best lender that suits you. Also for additional insurances the financial advisor searches for the best company.
  • Mortgage advisor from a bank: Only advises products from the bank the advisor works for, even if that is not the most favourable choice for you. 

What does a mortgage advisor do for you?

An independent mortgage advisor advises and relieves you when taking out a mortgage. This only concerns obtaining financing for the purchase of a house and not, for example, bidding, valuation or negotiation with the selling party. However Personce has a specialized network and we do have some custom package deals for expats. We try to provide a one-stop-shop. 

A few of the tasks of a mortgage advisor include: 

  • Calculate your maximum mortgage 
  • Calculate gross and net monthly costs (for different loan amounts) 
  • Provide information and advice on fixing the mortgage interest rate and the most suitable period for your specific situation
  • Explaining the different mortgage types and the most suitable form for your situation 
  • Calculate the additional financing costs
  • Monitoring the state of the housing market
  • Rearrange an existing mortgage and discovering what the most favourable option is for you 
  • Financing a second home 
  • Liquidating equity
  • Increase mortgage, for example for a renovation 
  • Finding the right bank for your situation as an expat

How does a mortgage process work?

Are you planning to buy your first home in The Netherlands? Then you are probably wondering how the mortgage process from the first meeting to the transfer of the house actually goes. 

  • Free introductory meeting – Together we go through your financial situation and discuss your personal wishes and needs. The first meeting is free and without any obligation.
  • Search for your dream home – Search for yourself or use a real estate agent. We would be happy to advise you in finding a local real estate agent. We do have special packages!  
  • Inventory meeting – Found your dream home and made the winning bid? Then we'll get back together soon. We will go deeper into your wishes and complete the financial layout. 
  • Mortgage advice – Based on our conversations and your preferences, we draw up tailor-made mortgage advice. 
  • Execution of mediation – We submit the application to the lender that suits you best. We take care of communication and ensure that everything is completed properly within the set deadlines. 
  • Manage your products – The mortgage is complete. Congratulations! We will of course always be available for questions or advice and maintenance of your mortgage and additional insurances.

What makes a good mortgage advisor? 

Buying a home is a big decision. And it is a lot of money. That is why it is important that you find a good and professional mortgage adviser who you feel comfortable with and whom you trust. But what makes a good mortgage advisor? I'll list a few things to keep in mind. 

A good mortgage advisor:

  • Listens to the customers. The advisor does not start chatting endlessly about all the possibilities, but makes an inventory of the wishes and asks specific questions. 
  • Think in solutions and not in problems. A good advisor looks beyond standard solutions and creates a tailor-made solution. Especially when it concerns expats, Personce main focus. 
  • Is aware of the latest tax rules and the rules and conditions of lenders in your specific situation as an expat
  • Is completely independent. The advisor shows all the options, looks for the best lender plus takes in account the special rules and regulations concerning expats 
  • Looks beyond just the costs and discusses all the pros and cons of taking out a mortgage with a particular lender. Sometimes you prefer to pay two euros more per month, however on better terms
  • Has good communication skills and can explain things clearly. The advisor uses as few technical terms as possible and makes it immediately understandable for the customers
  • Responds quickly to questions and can be reached in various ways
  • Personce provides all service in English and easy to understand language 

Is mortgage advice mandatory? 

When buying a home and getting financing, it is not mandatory to have your own mortgage advisor. You can also arrange the mortgage yourself. However it is sensible and the price difference is not even that big than arranging the mortgage yourself. We ad Personce know our additional value when it concerns helping expats buying a house in The Netherlands, we honestly think you deserve the attention and knowledge we provide!

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