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Online mortgage advice

Our mortgage advisors have all the experience to help you online

Mortgage advice where and when you prefer. In need of an online mortgage advisor, at Personce you are at the right place. Our mortgage advisors have all the experience to help you online! We provide a secure environment in which you can upload your documents so that we can work together. Both our mortgage advisor as you as our client can share calculations and documents directly online so we can give you the same service you would have received during a face-to-face conversation. However you do not have to leave your home, your office, or wherever you want the conversation to take place. Even from abroad!

We can combine online mortgage advice with face-to-face appointments. First contact by webcam and the next appointment at our office, all possible! Personal mortgage advice where you prefer.

How does it work?

  • You will receive a Teams™ invitation (no software installation needed) for online webcam advice
  • You can use your own computer, laptop or smartphone
  • We will share our calculations and presentation directly on screen
  • You can upload your document in a secure environment
  • A webcam is not a must, feel free to not turn on the camera

Call us to arrange your online mortgage advice conversation, free of charge.
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